Cold emails are hot!

I hope you see the value of having signed up and receiving these emails from us regularly. But still, I also want to tell you about the power of cold email. 

When done right, cold emails are the best way to meet new people, create new opportunities, find new clients and even convince investors.

What’s a good cold email? 

Rule #1: Keep it short.
If you disturb someone you don’t know, at least show them respect by being direct and crystal clear. As a general rule, you get 3 sentences, max.

Rule #2: Don’t share your life ;)
It’s counterintuitive but it’s better to send many different short emails than one long email with all the details. It is all about finesse and mastering the approach. Are you able to make it personal, aiming right at the bullseye? 

Most of the cold emails I receive ask for things I’m not ready to give - mainly my time, over a coffee. But I have no time and I don’t drink coffee. A great cold email teaches me something or gives me a piece of information that makes the offer irresistible

Rule #3: You don’t want to bother people and you’re right :)
Just also remember that they’re adults. If they don’t want to get emails from you anymore, they can just tell you that. I had one of my best meetings ever after having a colleague send 23 cold emails. Even though they were super embarrassed from the 3rd one on.

There shouldn’t be any embarrassment, because if I have valuable things to say, eventually that value will be recognized. 

Rule #4: Nobody’s out of reach.
Email addresses aren’t that hard to find and people don’t realize just how many powerful people read their emails themselves. After all, why accumulate such power only to delegate the most important decision of who to see and who not to? 

Rule #5: Don’t let your ego run things.
I dream of meeting Jennifer Lawrence, but I have nothing to offer her, so better to let her live her life without being harassed by my cold emails. 

Of course, cold emails are less efficient than good intros.
And the most important thing is actually doing attractive work. So focus on your product, develop your network, and do some cold email outreach with your free time. Even if it only works once, it’s worth taking the shot. 

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