A founder never stops learning.

Hello Sunshine,

Getting people who share the same entrepreneurial ethos in the same virtual room together, it’s possible and it’s happening... if you join The Family’s online events!

Since the start of the pandemic, I can tell you: we’ve tried and learned tons of things about online events. We managed to create awesome moments with live audiences, like with Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian or when former Apple storyteller James Vincent came by to share his secrets. For over a year we’ve been pushing hard to bring our community together for a burst of inspiration and virtual connections with each other.

This Thursday, we’re inviting solo founders looking for a cofounder, with or without ideas, to meet and match. It’s called “Be My Cofounder”, it’s fun, and it’s useful: the level of skills and experience of the participants is really higher than when we used to run these types of events in “real life”. 450 have already participated, more than 100 people teamed up after.

Join us at BMC this Thursday!

Another event we’re proud of is this Summit, which we first held on May 18. We had great speakers, 1000+ sign-ups from dozens of countries… It was dynamic, interactive and informative.

With the feedback we got from participants, we decided to turn First-Time Founder into a series, always with new speakers and different topics.

The next one is coming up on July 8.
I’d love for you to join us. 

Get your free ticket here 💖

My team’s been lining up stellar founders as speakers, including:

  • Alexandre Prot, CEO & co-founder of Qonto

  • Christian Grobe, co-founder at Billie.io

  • Benedetta Arese Lucini, co-founder of Oval Money

  • Kirill Bigai, CEO and co-founder at Preply

Each session will be: short, straightforward and interactive.

They’ll be talking about scaling across borders, go-to-market strategy, making sense of machine learning - always with the honesty and practicality that can come with being part of a community with shared entrepreneurial values. 

And of course I’ll be there, together with my fellow directors at The Family and our lovely partners from AWS.

Join me!

Because a founder’s education is never done.

Looking forward to greeting you there, 



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