Blinders off.

Dear reader,

I hope you’re doing great.
My team and I feel directly concerned by the need to fight against racism. We do what we do because we believe that “ANYONE can become a great entrepreneur”. Our passion isn’t about “technology”, it’s not about “the Internet”, not even about “startups” themselves. 

We simply believe that entrepreneurship is a highway leading to people’s empowerment, society’s progress. And to broaden access to this new power, toxicity needs to be fought directly - elitism, paternalism, and racism.

We’ve created Koudetat, to make entrepreneurship really accessible all over France. We’ve started Goldup, to dedicate a program for women willing to start their own business. And now we’re working on addressing the lack of minorities in entrepreneurship, in whatever way we can.

But it would be too easy to say that we - The Family team, you, and me - are somehow outside of the problem. As long as we blame it on racist people, it won’t get solved. The underrepresentation of minorities in tech is too extreme to only be caused by those who are consciously stupid.

The one thing I know is that you need the people who incarnate change, to change. If the top tech founders are all white men, from rich backgrounds and elite schools, nothing can change. The “dominant” have a responsibility: to actively create a path and offer opportunities. And even if sincere, good intentions are there, let’s admit it: It’s time to get rid of many blind spots.

These past weeks offered us the chance to take our blinders off and act. I do think racism is a problem rooted in most cultures, each with their own history of traumas. If the anti-racist movement has gone global, it still calls for multiple local and individual answers. If you’re an entrepreneur, you can hire minorities. If you’re a journalist, you can write on minorities. If you’re an investor, you can bet on minorities.

➡️And if you’re a French-speaking founder willing to teach entrepreneurship in a program dedicated to minorities, send me an email.

Now some news: we’re going fully remote; our entrepreneurs are killing the game; you’re invited to the best live events… and other cool stuff.

At The Family, we’ve chosen to keep working fully remotely. And so we’ve decided to leave our offices in Paris, London and Berlin. When you know how much care we’ve put into our office spaces, you understand why it’s a radical decision for my team and me.

Announcing it, we’ve had all sorts of reactions…
Remote founders: “Finally, you see the value of remote work??”
Parisian founders: “What about the dinners and parties?”
Most of our founders: “Cool, you’ll be more available for office hours!”
And then the media: “The Family is dying!”

It’s crazy how symbols like having a big space still matter so much. But yes, in a time of crisis, we’ve decided to cut many costs, and office space is a big one, especially if the events we used to run inside them are impossible until… who knows when?

The crisis and quarantine made us realize that remote work could go well with efficiency, happiness and our own lifestyles. It’s different for sure, but it’s actually more convenient to support our founders based all over the world. And of course, you can count on my team to launch parties and dinners… but now they can be anywhere ;-)

That’s true as well for online events: we’re now welcoming speakers who used to be “unreachable” before. You’ll see some in the agenda below: the founders of Reddit and will be sharing their insights during our next live online events!

🎬 Harouna has always been fond of manga and cinema. He grew up hoping to become a scriptwriter. He started Tictales with his friend Christophe: a mix between mobile games and romantic movies where you are the hero. More than 50k users play everyday! And Tictales releases new games constantly. Their new baby is... The Voice! Check it out and start feeling like a rising pop star, on Android and iPhone.

💦 Anne has an incredible gift: she sees what people really want - even in the most intimate of spaces ;) Her latest product is MyLubie, a 100% natural personal lubricant. Made in France, with no silicone, no alcohol, no palm oil, no scent… Everything you want, nothing you don’t. She’s already exploded through her pre-sales goal by over 400%, so slide on over and get yours too!

🛠 Anyone Can Become an Entrepreneur. And if you’re not a coder, you can still launch a startup. The people behind Packman put it all into production: you can point-and-click your way to an MVP, with super transparent pricing and deliverables. Driven by Maxime, cofounder of The Secret Company and Morgan, CEO of Sparkmate, you don’t need to waste time figuring out how to get from 0 to 1.

📦 Stockoss: Laurent’s team has grown by 100% in 6 months and are now the go-to storage solution for 80+ companies.

🛍 Flash: They’ve launched a private beta for their 1-click payment process for e-merchants. Get on board to double your conversion rate!

🍷 : Thomas and François-Xavier help winemakers who want to grow organically and sustainably, and they also became B-Corp certified!

🚇 Suburvan: Carlos is using automated vans to jumpstart public transport, even in post-COVID times! CEO Carlos explains how here.

📍 Pickme: Jessie is making delivery easy thanks to your neighbors. 1,600 neighbors have registered in the Paris area! She closed a funding round during the crisis and she’s looking for a CTO ;)

❤️Span: Patrick is giving companies a new way to support employees during this difficult time, giving access to registered nutritionists and psychologists.

🥬 Magic Bean: The delicious veggie products that look and taste like meat are available in Monoprix, Franprix & Casino supermarkets - find the retailer nearest you!

🐎 Ohlala Sellerie: Clara & Geoffrey kept horse lovers in the saddle during confinement by providing the food and accessories they need to care for their animals. They’ve already surpassed their yearly numbers from 2019!

🦜 Plume: Aude multiplied her number of users 50x over the last two months! And they just released a new fun product making kids love writing (and helps parents deal with so much time out of school!)

🐼 Money Walkie: Raphael has created a kid-friendly payment card, dedicated to parents willing to go cashless with their kids. They launched and achieved their crowdfunding campaign within just one week!

🐯 And our product manager Lorenzo put together the legal building blocks you need to get your business off the ground. Don’t losing time or $, see these resources ;)

🌈 Good Vibes Radio: Live with entrepreneurs you’ll love

During quarantine, every day I interviewed entrepreneurs I find fascinating. I’m not a journalist, I’m clearly positively biased, that’s why they felt comfortable talking more openly than usual.

You can find all the past episodes here. Enjoy Quentin, the CEO of CleverCloud singing opera, Carole, the CEO of Joone explaining her previous life as an English teacher, or Fredrik, the CEO of the e-scooter company VOI, dancing to ABBA - yes, he’s Swedish 😁

You don’t wanna miss our upcoming guests: on Thursday I’ve got Riccardo, founder of King games (heard of Candy Crush?); on June 19 I’ve got Noah, cofounder of Sumo; and on June 26 I’ve got Alexis Ohanian, cofounder of Reddit 😻

💥 Join the Customer Experience Summit!

Startups can definitely compete with (and beat) big corps at building an unforgettable experience. The CEO of Guru, the CX officer of Slack, the head of Freshworks Europe, the head of AWS for startups… They are all sharing their secret sauce to making customers feel like queens and kings. Thursday, June 18, tickets are free, you’ll enjoy both the relevant content and meeting other participants! Book your spot right here

🌹 Looking for your cofounder?

Make the magic happen with this on online meeting with 50+ other potential cofounders. From all around the world, they meet online for 3 hours of serendipity. Already having an idea or not, they all have skills, experience, and motivation to start a new venture. We’ve already run 3 editions and the results are amazing: you can find your cofounder if you search in the right place! The next edition is on Saturday July 4, grab your early bird ticket!

💋 Ladies, are you ready to start your own business?

Our dedicated program (in French) for women, Goldup is now 100% online ;) We’ve accompanied 93 women taking their businesses’ early steps during quarantine. The switch to remote has been a beautiful success, as if the desire to get over the physical distance amplified the intensity of interactions among the participants.
- For the next bootcamp, applications are open
- Upcoming workshops: on Snapchat ads & how to work with influencers
- And to enjoy Goldup all year long, you can now get the membership with access to all the workshops, the community and the magic sessions to focus on your business!

🤓 Our CFO Younès published the first editions of his newsletter, Chasing Paper. If you’re interested in how corporate finance is changing in the post-COVID tech world, or if you just want tips on how to manage your cash, subscribe!

💎 As always, Nicolas Colin is writing like he’s on FIRE 🔥In French, he’s got Nouveau Départ, produced together with his wife Laetitia, and in English there’s European Straits, which recently took a close look at what capitalism really is.

🎓 Oussama has been hitting the publish button too. His recent articles look at entrepreneurship as an option for today’s graduates (whether from high school, university or business school) and supplying entrepreneurs with the mindset they need to restructure and come out on the other side of this crisis.

❤️ Lockdown didn’t freeze everything: Check and Visit is hiring for a senior software engineer, a junior machine learning R&D engineer, and a product owner.

💚 All about nutrition? Compliment has 3 full-time positions open, for a community manager, marketing manager, and fullstack dev. 

💛 Wanna finance freelancers? Mansa recently raised €2M and they’re hiring developers - back-end, front-end, machine learning... 

💜 Rocketing up: Takeoff Labs is hiring in California for a senior product designer and a senior iOS engineer.

💙 Still hunting for that perfect new job? Check out 200+ open positions with our startups on our Jobs page!

That’s all, folks!
Now let’s enjoy the change.
We’re all accountable. We all have a role to play. We will all benefit from this change.


Alice & The Family team

About the will to build.

Dear entrepreneur,

I saw this quote attributed to Albert Einstein, in 1931: “To speak about a crisis is to promote it. Not to speak about it is to exalt conformism. Let us work hard instead. Let us stop, once and for all, the menacing crisis that represents the tragedy of not being willing to overcome it.” 

Indeed, that “will” to overcome is the key to action. It’s also the message I retain from the blogpost of Marc Andreessen, who talks about the “desire” needed to make a better society in every field: healthcare, housing, automated factories, education, transportation...

So if I want to, I can?

I’d like to add an observation: No will to act can emerge from denial. Among all the daring entrepreneurs I‘ve been observing these last few weeks, there’s something they share: They are facing reality as it is, and they are afraid. They’re going through intense emotions - doubts, anxiety and fear. Only then can they act: pivoting, transforming, creating, building.

These weeks have impacted us all, profoundly. Freedom is limited to our homes, other people are a threat and social distancing is the new norm, borders are closed, presidents talk about a “war”, unemployment is booming, cash is (a missing) king.

Emotions are real, they nurture our behaviors and direct our actions. Today the consequences of fear are concrete. It’s important to recognize that if we want to “build”. Being courageous doesn’t mean being overly confident. It means being aware of the risks, listening to and recognizing one’s fears, and then deciding to overcome them. In “courage”, you have “cor”, the Latin word for “heart”: being courageous is being close to your heart and emotions, accepting your vulnerability.

Only then can that “will” perhaps become coherent, profound and unifying, logically taking into account the real things - health, education, justice, housing… - needed for an inclusive, green and happy society.

If you agree and want to build, NOW, let us know ➡️
Cool. Now it’s time to get some fresh news and stories of founders I find courageous ;)

Fresh news

✈️ My cofounder Nicolas Colin launched Nouveau Départ
Nicolas is giving in-depth looks at specific industries and where they’re headed. If you’re thinking of launching a startup, if you’re investing, if you’re trying to figure out how to re-position yourself or your company, subscribe (🇫🇷).

🌈 Every day at 12:19pm CEST, let’s get some...Good Vibes!
Live chats with inspiring entrepreneurs, adapting to the current times.

  • 🇫🇷Tues. 28th with Marie, CEO of Iconoclass, #salestraining

  • 🇫🇷Wed. 29th with Shannon, CEO of Schoolmouv #education #growth

  • 🇬🇧Thurs. 30th with Quentin, CEO of Clever Cloud #COVID19

  • 🇧🇪Fri. 1st with Will, CEO of Compliment #nutrition #wellness

  • 🇬🇧Mon. 4th with Fredrik, CEO of VOI #mobility #green

  • 🇫🇷Tues. 5th with Carole, CEO of Joone #CleanBabyDiapers #Retail

Get the full schedule and book your ticket right here.
You can watch past episodes with the CEOs of Comet, Inshallah, Ada Tech School, HireSweet, Heetch, Jow... right here!

❤️Goldup: Girls, we made it!
Our entrepreneurial bootcamp dedicated to women, Goldup, has switched to become a fully online training program. The participants have been helping each other even more during quarantine. So now we’re launching a new bootcamp, together with our partner Shopify, running from May 4-13.
If you’re a woman willing to learn how to build your new business while being surrounded by a crew of feminist founders, ask me all your questions tomorrow at 10:30 am during a live Q&A (in 🇫🇷).

Big Ups

In case you’re wondering if entrepreneurs have a role to play now… Let’s get some concrete examples ;)

🧪 Kourosh & Inato: Data for researchers.
Getting a vaccine could change the game. Kourosh and his team usually work to help clinical trials get more patients, faster. Right now they are dedicated to Anticovid: an open access platform that gathers all available information regarding global clinical trials for the virus responsible for COVID-19. Pooling information is critical for optimizing resource allocation as quickly as possible.

🛠 Quentin & Baptiste: Building respirators with MakAir!
Two of The Family’s beloved entrepreneurs teamed up: Quentin of Clever Cloud and Baptiste of Crisp, both based in Nantes, both doers. They heard what we all heard: one of the big problems was a lack of respirators in hospitals. So together with entrepreneurs, engineers and medical professionals, they developed a medical-grade respirator design, the MakAir, totally non-profit. 

💖 Hind & WeMind: Insuring freelancers, now.
Especially if they’re hospitalized, freelancers need support for the income they lose, and WeMind gives it.

🙏🏽 Anastasia & MyDiabby: Taking care of diabetes patients, from home.
Everyone’s trying to keep pressure off the hospitals, and MyDiabby lets patients monitor their diabetes and talk with their doctor remotely.

😷 Lavinia & Akesio: COVID-19 de-stress!
Self-care is essential right now. Lavinia is a Medical Doctor using her knowledge of how stress impacts health to bring a human touch to your day.

💸 Ali & Mansa: Freelancers get loans.
Freelancers are a big gap in all the government plans to help businesses. Mansa can get them the cash they need fast, because their entire business is making freelancers’ lives easier.

🥗 Jacques-Ed & Jow: Enjoy cooking from home.
It’s easy to feel down in confinement, to get stuck in a routine. Jow takes something important - food - and gives you fresh recipes AND safe, fast delivery of the ingredients you need.

👨‍🍳 Sixte & Nestor: Caregivers in hospitals get food delivered for free.
If you deliver meals to office workers, you gotta go where they are - and that’s at home right now. So Nestor did, all while donating part of the proceeds to the public hospital system.

🌏 Shannon & Schoolmouv: Great education online.
School’s out, but learning’s gotta keep going. Schoolmouv’s offering their catalog of materials for just €1, which is a huge relief for parents.

🌳 JC & Agroleague: How to become better organic farmers?
Switching agricultural habits is hard and farmers need help. JC and his team bring together education and community to boost them up.

🌹 Louis & Merci Handy: You are heroes.
Turn your production completely to making hydroalcoholic gel in a few days? Yep, they did, to get virus-fighting power to the people who need it most right now

🔥 Olivier & Kymono: Let’s be swagging!
Kymono designs customized outfits for startup teams, on demand. The founder, Olivier, wanted to contribute and created a t-shirt for all those “masked heroes” - and 100% of the benefits are given to Protège Ton Soignant, the non-profit supplying gear caregivers need. 

👅 Totem X Jow: Healthy breakfasts delivered at your home!
Two entrepreneurs from The Family teamed up to provide breakfast to your house. If you’re in Paris or its suburbs, download Jow and enjoy Totem’s food ;)

👁 Zoom fatigue? Bubbly cares for your eyes.
Bubbly’s team is keeping people able to see, supplying contact lenses, even while all the opticians are closed. 

🚛 Paul & Fretlink: Allowing transporters to see the emergencies.
Fretlink changed their UX to meet the needs of the crisis: they let transporters declare which return trips they need to fill up fast. Plus, they have a new blog!

👻 Chris & Pasabi: Fighting fake news!
Pasabi won a big deal with Trustpilot to put their AI to work combatting fake content and reviews.

🌱 Thibauld & Fairmint: A new funding system.
Fairmint is now launched and investors have already bought over 100K FAIRs! If you’re an entrepreneur looking for a non-dilutive way to let supporters around the world help finance your business, check it out.

⚙️ Roldan & Mekanika: Buy machines and learn.
As you’ve seen during this crisis, owning the production chain fully and autonomously is key. Mekanika is the first open source digital milling machine for artisans & carpenters.

💖 Thibauld & Jubiwee: Care for your team.
Jubiwee is showing that team management and employee engagement is more important than ever by having tripled their onboarding of new clients.

🎓 Marie & Iconoclass: Learn how to sell.
Iconoclass has opened signups for their next Sales School session in September, and they’ll be live online on May 5 to answer all your questions.

👑 Alexandre & Fleet: Cash is King.
Fleet allows you to rent computers and reduce your cash burn, which is crucial right now. And guess what, they're still operating and delivering computers to your door!

Oh wow, you’re still here?
I love you for that ;p

Let’s be courageous, now you know the road: reality, emotions, actions.
See you soon, and take care,

Alice & The Family team

You <> The world

Dear entrepreneur,

I hope you and your loved ones are well 💖

I have no clue of how the world after covid-19 will look like. What I know is that the entrepreneurs using this time to move forward will be the ones shaping it. And we’d all rather see people who believe in care, ambition, and diversity in charge.

So my question for you is, can it be you?
I know you share the same values - you wouldn’t be reading this newsletter otherwise. With The Family team all confined at home, we’ve started online experiences for entrepreneurs willing to make the most out of this time.

The goal of these events is simple: nurturing your entrepreneurial and optimistic self. These events are live, fun, and full of smart content and opportunities to meet potential partners, cofounders, and why not, friends.

The world may stop, entrepreneurs would still find ways to create value. 

Creators, be our guests ;)

Nouveau Départ, Wed. April 8, 5:45 pm (CEST)
My cofounder Nicolas Colin is starting a series to dive deep into individual industries, figuring out what this crisis is changing profoundly in each industry. He’s starting with Education, it’s in French, tickets are here

Fundraising in Challenging Times, Fri. April 10, 3:45 pm (CEST)
Fundraising seems to be impossible now. We’ve got Fred Destin of Stride.VC and Bartosz Jakubowski of Alven to give you insights on what investors are now thinking and doing. Plus entrepreneurs with alternative funding sources will present other options to raise money. In English, tickets here.

Be My Cofounder, Sat. April 11, 9:45 am (CEST)
Being a solo founder is like partying alone: you can do it, but it’s not nearly as much fun. By joining this event you’ll learn how to choose the right person and you’ll have speed matching with dozens of potential cofounders. Feedback from the previous one was awesome, and we’re super excited to see the startups that are born here! Tickets here.

In case you want some Good Vibes, join me every day, 12:19 pm (CEST).
It’s just me and an entrepreneur who I love having a conversation. I ask all the questions I want and it’s high on optimism. Coming up:

And finally, for any entrepreneur, our hotline is open with our directors Balthazar & Mathias.

Love 💖

Alice and The Family team

It’s time to care

Hey team,

I hope you’re doing good. That’s all that matters, the rest is a bonus.

Let’s make confinement a better moment for all of us. Many of you expressed how working from home wasn't easy, others said they would love to use this time to start a new venture and, more than ever, we all need human connections.

So we’ve dreamed up some online experiences that you may seriously enjoy… Ready?

This Friday: Remote Summit
This is a one-day summit about your current work situation. We’ve chosen only inspiring entrepreneurs, coming from UpWork, Buffer, InVision and more.
They will be giving you the keys to actually enjoying remote work. The schedule is unique: interactive talks, smart fireside chats and online networking (like ChatRoulette, but for professionals).

On Saturday morning: Find Your Cofounder!
What if you could meet your cofounder thanks to The Family? It’s something that’s happened so often at our dinners and conferences. Let’s try to do it online? We’ve prepared a pretty packed morning for you, with pragmatic talks and speed-matching sessions, all with a crowd of passionate founders. 

You’re welcome to join

Good Vibes
It’s a daily live conversation with entrepreneurs you’ll love discovering. They’re the ones behind, SoShape, Fempo, Fretlink, Inato, Heetch… I’ll talk to them about how they’re adapting to the current times, all with optimistic vibes. 

Most talks are in French for now, but some pretty interesting ones are coming up in English as well ;)

Be our guests, enjoy these events, give me feedback and suggestions to make them better and better.

By the way, our website is now focusing on giving entrepreneurs the support they need to navigate this storm. Check out all the resources for dealing with COVID-19 - we’ve curated the best and divided them up by both countries and topics.

And finally, our Fellowship directors Balthazar and Mathias have opened up their calendars to provide a hotline for any entrepreneur - reach out for a friendly ear and honest feedback. 

Take care.
We are united.

Alice & The Family


Dear Reader,

Two weeks ago, I was in Rio for Carnival with a group of entrepreneurs. Carnival is intense: Thousands of Brazilians are dancing in the streets, half-naked and half-dressed up as whatever they’ve always dreamed of being. Funky animals, queens from ancient times, fluorescent wizards follow the music, all under the tropical rain.

Back in Paris, the contrast was violent: another kind of mask, another topic, coronavirus. It was the end of the party, obviously.

As you know, at The Family we believe in the power of peer-to-peer learning. We invite entrepreneurs from all over the world who come share their path, their “secret sauce” building great companies. Hundreds of founders join us and learn each week.

Still, we felt that the right thing to do now was to close our doors to the public and turn most of our events into live online classes. That decision didn’t take a long internal debate, but it did make me understand one thing more deeply: Fear and cynicism are the friends of crises.

I’m sure you know people who have become coronavirus experts, right? We call them “Radio Corona'': they instantly know every figure, every decision, country by country. Being with them for too long can nurture your irrational side. And fear leads to weird behavior, like a shopping spree for... toilet paper. WTF?

On the other side, you’ll find the people who act as if nothing has changed, they keep on kissing you to say hi, they know a friend of a friend who is a physician who said “4% death rate? That’s bullshit”, and they take Elon Musk tweets - “the coronavirus panic is dumb” - as an argument.

At The Family, with such a level of uncertainty, we’re taking it seriously: we don’t want to participate in the propagation of the virus. So no more open events, as much remote work as possible. But we’re keeping our optimism high! There is an opportunity to learn how to make the most of online solutions.

Is it possible to feel the exact same energy level online versus IRL?
No, but we might discover new things… and we’ll need to be creative to make up for the lack of physical interactions.

Ok, now let’s celebrate those people who manage to navigate uncertainty and chaos while keeping the faith: our dear entrepreneurs ;)


Do you know Pierre Mugnier, the CEO of Side?

Pierre and his team have created the most impressive staffing company we’ve ever seen. Their vision is simple: temporary work has existed forever, and it’s going to grow as people aspire to more freedom in the way they work.
On, you can easily apply for short-term missions and companies find motivated people for their seasonal or specific needs - administrative tasks, retail sales, customer service...

Whaaaat... is it just another platform for the gig economy?
Not if you ask the 92% out of their 3,000 clients who say they’re happy with the service. I’m not boasting here, I’m just very impressed by how Pierre managed to make such a pain become a pleasure, for both sides.
And I know it’s not any one particular miracle, it’s multiple factors: a Tinder-like UX; workers paid rapidly & directly; no paperwork; top-notch customer service (mostly staffed by former users); a company culture based on transparency. It’s all made the product progress organically, steadily and rapidly.

We know the team from the in-side ;)
We’re not an incubator, but our office space in Paris is big, so there can be times when some teams use our space. The Side team started off on the “Stars’ floor” - the same floor where Le Wagon, Kymono, Totem and Iconoclass launched their businesses as well. You learn by observing people. They are the kind of founders who begin the day earlier than everyone else, right after a crossfit class (the equivalent of the army, but for sport). Pierre and his 3 cofounders make me think of marathoners - patient, humble, focused, and conscious. By conscious, I mean that they choose each direction they take and are vocal on the logic behind it. To be honest, their long introspective discussions on how they make decisions seemed a bit boring to me. Today, I see the benefits and how coherent it was: they learned how to communicate together.

The young version of a great business leader.
I remember attending a workshop Pierre was giving on B2B sales at Lion, the school of the startup mindset. One participant happened to be one of his corporate clients. After a brilliant presentation left the class in awe, he asked Pierre: “What is your end goal with Side?” Pierre answered honestly: “I’m inspired by big corporations like yours. No one wants to remain a startup. Our goal is to be as big as a CAC40 company.” 

They really are on the side of the workers.
It’s one thing to say how good your intentions for the people are, it’s another thing to actually give contracts to workers as defined by the labor law in France. 

Recently, the team made an important pivot: they switched from staffing freelancers to staffing temporary workers. And it sounds like they made the right choice, since the French Cour de Cassation (the highest judicial court in the country) just confirmed that an Uber driver should be reclassified as an employee. That decision has sent shockwaves into the ecosystem since it is final and could endanger all those companies, from Uber to Deliveroo to many others, that rely on self-employed workers.

As leading by example is one of my fav principles, you can understand why Pierre is one of the leaders we are super proud to accompany.

Discover them and support them, they’re worth it.

Corner is making construction greener!

Guillaume is a tech guy and a serial entrepreneur who happened to build the 1st ever multi-touch screen (yes, even before Apple). Now, what can this smart engineer do with a green architect? Ecological construction as a service.
With software as cool as Minecraft, creating beautiful and environmentally-friendly buildings of any size becomes simple. Corner was tailored from the ground up for mass production, transportation and assembly. Made with hardwood technology, it offers top energy performance along with stunning interior design. And by streamlining the whole workflow, Corner can save up to one year on any construction project. 

MyDiabby makes the lives of diabetic patients better.

The most important pillars of our society - Healthcare, Justice, Education - are also the most resistant to the digital revolution. What a paradox, right?
Because they’re so vital, they’ve been built, over decades or centuries, as untouchable castles. If you want to innovate in one of these fields, you need to be fearless, resilient and driven… Like Anastasia. After studying mathematics and physics, she became a pilot. When she discovered the problem of diabetes in France, she wasn't scared to face every side in that equation: patients, physicians, devices, pharmaceutical laboratories, healthcare institutions and insurance. Now MyDiabby is the #1 telemedicine platform used in France for diabetes.

Trustoo: the transparent way to buy your second-hand car!

Maxence was a student when he moved from Paris to Lyon and decided to buy a second-hand car. He was lost and knew nothing about it - the perfect client to be fooled! Fortunately, his neighbor happened to love cars and helped him choose the right vehicle. That’s how Maxence saw how to solve the asymmetry of information when buying a second-hand car: collaborating with passionate experts. 
Trustoo lets mechanics earn money by advising buyers, and sellers can offer their car on the dedicated platform - all without taking a commission from the car buyer.

“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” ― Oscar Wilde


  • Read Akesio’s newsletter to get rid of your Covid-19 anxiety.
    Lavinia is also offering a free 1:1 de-stress coaching session to the first 50 people who contact her. Just mention that you’re a “The Family lover” <3

  • Get the best insurance for freelancers with WeMind. They guarantee revenues in case you’re hospitalized. Hind wrote about it all right here (in 🇫🇷). 

  • Track under-the-radar trends, opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors with Magma! (🇫🇷only)

  • Learn how to find clients with Koudetat’s new training program. They’re offering a discount for you dear readers - you just need to fill in this form.

  • You can can now create your own podcast with Studio Majorelle ;)

  • Build the best squad of tech & data freelancers to get your new project up and running, with cometFleet!

  • Lion is launching an exclusive e-learning course to challenge your thinking on remote culture, as always gaining startup knowledge and tools to be even more productive.


  • 9 out of 11 students got permanent jobs before finishing Iconoclass!

  • 200+ farmers are feeding the world sustainably thanks to AgroLeague.

  • 60% of Span’s members go into long-term remission on issues including pre-diabetes, type 2 diabetes, PCOS, IBS and more.

  • 1.7M were raised by Backbone to empower emerging photographers.

  • $2.5M were raised by Emma to spread their version of financial therapy.

  • Over 1 trillion - yes, trillion - search requests have been served by Algolia!


  • Bumpair has been selected by the major electric scooter companies in Paris to provide helmets ;)

  • Knowhere is now Foda, and you can follow their Foda Heros: passionate foodistas sharing their personal restaurant lists!

  • Hiresweet was featured in TechCrunch for how they put talent in the right positions - even if that talent isn’t looking for a new job!

  • Sompani helps the VC fund Alven, providing a talent pool for their fast-growing companies.


Almost every company is using a just-in-time process today, so the coronavirus is threatening supply chains everywhere. Even giants like Volkswagen are at risk of having their factories shut down. Spacefill has a network of 3000+ warehouses, helping hundreds of companies who need a temporary (or emergency) storage solution to secure their supply chains.

They passed the “super-friendly-test” ;) So if you’re looking for a new opportunity in your career, a mission, and a great team, consider these offers.

Fretlink is at the front lines of good transportation.

They connect shippers to the largest hub of local carriers in Europe. You’ve seen how important global supply chains are to our world, so you get why Fretlink is tackling an important matter. Come make a difference! They’ve got multiple open positions including as Director of Operations - check ‘em out.

Stockoss provides on-demand storage where you easily see exactly where your stuff is.

You know about needing to store things when you move apartments, right? What a pain! Well, this team is making it simple and even fun, and that’s because the founders are really, really cool. They’re hiring for multiple dev positions, front-end and back-end, right here.

Comet finds interesting missions for the most talented tech and data freelancers.

Their community is so happy that they become ambassadors and promote Comet to new clients. Come empower the movement, they have open sales positions.

Let’s innovate in the way we provide educational content!

I’m proud to announce our partnership with Hopin!

Some of our amazing guests speakers will be live-streamed on Hopin. We picked Hopin because it’s the tool that gives us the most freedom to recreate the things that made our in-person events so special: (1) You can ask questions via chat and (2) There is a networking area that works like a private ChatRoulette, so you’ll be able to meet other participants ;) You’ll still feel The Family love and care… all from the comfort of your own home!

What’s on the agenda?

March 24, all in for no-code!

We’re hosting Makerpad, the largest no-code community, and Contournement, France’s first no-code bootcamp. Lorenzo Castro, The Family’s no-code master, will talk with their CEOs, Ben Tossell and Erwan Kezzar.

Every meetup we’ve done with no-code lately has gotten bigger and bigger - is it a trend? A movement? Whatever you call it, it’s interesting. Sign up here.

The new season of Goldup is now open for applications!

Goldup is the most caring program for women willing to start their online business. 50 women learn how to go from an idea to a profitable online business. During 5 Saturdays, from May 2 to May 30, they will benefit from the training program made with love by my team and our fav entrepreneurs. You can apply now ;)

By May, we should be able to gather in our office in Paris; in case we can’t, we’ll do everything to make it amazing online!

If you’re wondering if it’s for you, read about who the Goldies are with their portraits on Medium.

He is smart, deep and full of relevant references. He is…?

My cofounder Nicolas! He just launched a paid version of his newsletter. With the Monday Note to get your work week started and Friday Reads for your weekend. If you want to get his insightful economical & strategic analysis, get it here!

He is an amazing storyteller and a living encyclopedia. He is…?

My other cofounder, Oussama ;) One of Oussama’s favorite subjects is how to train our brain. He wrote about some of his techniques right here.

You learn when you love.

Why should learning be boring? Who said that education can’t be as exciting as an entertaining show? We’re looking for a new intern to accompany Vladimir, our Paris Event Manager, achieve that goal. It’s all explained here.

Enjoy this month and keep you optimism high!

(Virtual) hugs and kisses!

Alice, for The Family Team

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