It’s time to care

Hey team,

I hope you’re doing good. That’s all that matters, the rest is a bonus.

Let’s make confinement a better moment for all of us. Many of you expressed how working from home wasn't easy, others said they would love to use this time to start a new venture and, more than ever, we all need human connections.

So we’ve dreamed up some online experiences that you may seriously enjoy… Ready?

This Friday: Remote Summit
This is a one-day summit about your current work situation. We’ve chosen only inspiring entrepreneurs, coming from UpWork, Buffer, InVision and more.
They will be giving you the keys to actually enjoying remote work. The schedule is unique: interactive talks, smart fireside chats and online networking (like ChatRoulette, but for professionals).

On Saturday morning: Find Your Cofounder!
What if you could meet your cofounder thanks to The Family? It’s something that’s happened so often at our dinners and conferences. Let’s try to do it online? We’ve prepared a pretty packed morning for you, with pragmatic talks and speed-matching sessions, all with a crowd of passionate founders. 

You’re welcome to join

Good Vibes
It’s a daily live conversation with entrepreneurs you’ll love discovering. They’re the ones behind, SoShape, Fempo, Fretlink, Inato, Heetch… I’ll talk to them about how they’re adapting to the current times, all with optimistic vibes. 

Most talks are in French for now, but some pretty interesting ones are coming up in English as well ;)

Be our guests, enjoy these events, give me feedback and suggestions to make them better and better.

By the way, our website is now focusing on giving entrepreneurs the support they need to navigate this storm. Check out all the resources for dealing with COVID-19 - we’ve curated the best and divided them up by both countries and topics.

And finally, our Fellowship directors Balthazar and Mathias have opened up their calendars to provide a hotline for any entrepreneur - reach out for a friendly ear and honest feedback. 

Take care.
We are united.

Alice & The Family


Dear Reader,

Two weeks ago, I was in Rio for Carnival with a group of entrepreneurs. Carnival is intense: Thousands of Brazilians are dancing in the streets, half-naked and half-dressed up as whatever they’ve always dreamed of being. Funky animals, queens from ancient times, fluorescent wizards follow the music, all under the tropical rain.

Back in Paris, the contrast was violent: another kind of mask, another topic, coronavirus. It was the end of the party, obviously.

As you know, at The Family we believe in the power of peer-to-peer learning. We invite entrepreneurs from all over the world who come share their path, their “secret sauce” building great companies. Hundreds of founders join us and learn each week.

Still, we felt that the right thing to do now was to close our doors to the public and turn most of our events into live online classes. That decision didn’t take a long internal debate, but it did make me understand one thing more deeply: Fear and cynicism are the friends of crises.

I’m sure you know people who have become coronavirus experts, right? We call them “Radio Corona'': they instantly know every figure, every decision, country by country. Being with them for too long can nurture your irrational side. And fear leads to weird behavior, like a shopping spree for... toilet paper. WTF?

On the other side, you’ll find the people who act as if nothing has changed, they keep on kissing you to say hi, they know a friend of a friend who is a physician who said “4% death rate? That’s bullshit”, and they take Elon Musk tweets - “the coronavirus panic is dumb” - as an argument.

At The Family, with such a level of uncertainty, we’re taking it seriously: we don’t want to participate in the propagation of the virus. So no more open events, as much remote work as possible. But we’re keeping our optimism high! There is an opportunity to learn how to make the most of online solutions.

Is it possible to feel the exact same energy level online versus IRL?
No, but we might discover new things… and we’ll need to be creative to make up for the lack of physical interactions.

Ok, now let’s celebrate those people who manage to navigate uncertainty and chaos while keeping the faith: our dear entrepreneurs ;)


Do you know Pierre Mugnier, the CEO of Side?

Pierre and his team have created the most impressive staffing company we’ve ever seen. Their vision is simple: temporary work has existed forever, and it’s going to grow as people aspire to more freedom in the way they work.
On, you can easily apply for short-term missions and companies find motivated people for their seasonal or specific needs - administrative tasks, retail sales, customer service...

Whaaaat... is it just another platform for the gig economy?
Not if you ask the 92% out of their 3,000 clients who say they’re happy with the service. I’m not boasting here, I’m just very impressed by how Pierre managed to make such a pain become a pleasure, for both sides.
And I know it’s not any one particular miracle, it’s multiple factors: a Tinder-like UX; workers paid rapidly & directly; no paperwork; top-notch customer service (mostly staffed by former users); a company culture based on transparency. It’s all made the product progress organically, steadily and rapidly.

We know the team from the in-side ;)
We’re not an incubator, but our office space in Paris is big, so there can be times when some teams use our space. The Side team started off on the “Stars’ floor” - the same floor where Le Wagon, Kymono, Totem and Iconoclass launched their businesses as well. You learn by observing people. They are the kind of founders who begin the day earlier than everyone else, right after a crossfit class (the equivalent of the army, but for sport). Pierre and his 3 cofounders make me think of marathoners - patient, humble, focused, and conscious. By conscious, I mean that they choose each direction they take and are vocal on the logic behind it. To be honest, their long introspective discussions on how they make decisions seemed a bit boring to me. Today, I see the benefits and how coherent it was: they learned how to communicate together.

The young version of a great business leader.
I remember attending a workshop Pierre was giving on B2B sales at Lion, the school of the startup mindset. One participant happened to be one of his corporate clients. After a brilliant presentation left the class in awe, he asked Pierre: “What is your end goal with Side?” Pierre answered honestly: “I’m inspired by big corporations like yours. No one wants to remain a startup. Our goal is to be as big as a CAC40 company.” 

They really are on the side of the workers.
It’s one thing to say how good your intentions for the people are, it’s another thing to actually give contracts to workers as defined by the labor law in France. 

Recently, the team made an important pivot: they switched from staffing freelancers to staffing temporary workers. And it sounds like they made the right choice, since the French Cour de Cassation (the highest judicial court in the country) just confirmed that an Uber driver should be reclassified as an employee. That decision has sent shockwaves into the ecosystem since it is final and could endanger all those companies, from Uber to Deliveroo to many others, that rely on self-employed workers.

As leading by example is one of my fav principles, you can understand why Pierre is one of the leaders we are super proud to accompany.

Discover them and support them, they’re worth it.

Corner is making construction greener!

Guillaume is a tech guy and a serial entrepreneur who happened to build the 1st ever multi-touch screen (yes, even before Apple). Now, what can this smart engineer do with a green architect? Ecological construction as a service.
With software as cool as Minecraft, creating beautiful and environmentally-friendly buildings of any size becomes simple. Corner was tailored from the ground up for mass production, transportation and assembly. Made with hardwood technology, it offers top energy performance along with stunning interior design. And by streamlining the whole workflow, Corner can save up to one year on any construction project. 

MyDiabby makes the lives of diabetic patients better.

The most important pillars of our society - Healthcare, Justice, Education - are also the most resistant to the digital revolution. What a paradox, right?
Because they’re so vital, they’ve been built, over decades or centuries, as untouchable castles. If you want to innovate in one of these fields, you need to be fearless, resilient and driven… Like Anastasia. After studying mathematics and physics, she became a pilot. When she discovered the problem of diabetes in France, she wasn't scared to face every side in that equation: patients, physicians, devices, pharmaceutical laboratories, healthcare institutions and insurance. Now MyDiabby is the #1 telemedicine platform used in France for diabetes.

Trustoo: the transparent way to buy your second-hand car!

Maxence was a student when he moved from Paris to Lyon and decided to buy a second-hand car. He was lost and knew nothing about it - the perfect client to be fooled! Fortunately, his neighbor happened to love cars and helped him choose the right vehicle. That’s how Maxence saw how to solve the asymmetry of information when buying a second-hand car: collaborating with passionate experts. 
Trustoo lets mechanics earn money by advising buyers, and sellers can offer their car on the dedicated platform - all without taking a commission from the car buyer.

“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” ― Oscar Wilde


  • Read Akesio’s newsletter to get rid of your Covid-19 anxiety.
    Lavinia is also offering a free 1:1 de-stress coaching session to the first 50 people who contact her. Just mention that you’re a “The Family lover” <3

  • Get the best insurance for freelancers with WeMind. They guarantee revenues in case you’re hospitalized. Hind wrote about it all right here (in 🇫🇷). 

  • Track under-the-radar trends, opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors with Magma! (🇫🇷only)

  • Learn how to find clients with Koudetat’s new training program. They’re offering a discount for you dear readers - you just need to fill in this form.

  • You can can now create your own podcast with Studio Majorelle ;)

  • Build the best squad of tech & data freelancers to get your new project up and running, with cometFleet!

  • Lion is launching an exclusive e-learning course to challenge your thinking on remote culture, as always gaining startup knowledge and tools to be even more productive.


  • 9 out of 11 students got permanent jobs before finishing Iconoclass!

  • 200+ farmers are feeding the world sustainably thanks to AgroLeague.

  • 60% of Span’s members go into long-term remission on issues including pre-diabetes, type 2 diabetes, PCOS, IBS and more.

  • 1.7M were raised by Backbone to empower emerging photographers.

  • $2.5M were raised by Emma to spread their version of financial therapy.

  • Over 1 trillion - yes, trillion - search requests have been served by Algolia!


  • Bumpair has been selected by the major electric scooter companies in Paris to provide helmets ;)

  • Knowhere is now Foda, and you can follow their Foda Heros: passionate foodistas sharing their personal restaurant lists!

  • Hiresweet was featured in TechCrunch for how they put talent in the right positions - even if that talent isn’t looking for a new job!

  • Sompani helps the VC fund Alven, providing a talent pool for their fast-growing companies.


Almost every company is using a just-in-time process today, so the coronavirus is threatening supply chains everywhere. Even giants like Volkswagen are at risk of having their factories shut down. Spacefill has a network of 3000+ warehouses, helping hundreds of companies who need a temporary (or emergency) storage solution to secure their supply chains.

They passed the “super-friendly-test” ;) So if you’re looking for a new opportunity in your career, a mission, and a great team, consider these offers.

Fretlink is at the front lines of good transportation.

They connect shippers to the largest hub of local carriers in Europe. You’ve seen how important global supply chains are to our world, so you get why Fretlink is tackling an important matter. Come make a difference! They’ve got multiple open positions including as Director of Operations - check ‘em out.

Stockoss provides on-demand storage where you easily see exactly where your stuff is.

You know about needing to store things when you move apartments, right? What a pain! Well, this team is making it simple and even fun, and that’s because the founders are really, really cool. They’re hiring for multiple dev positions, front-end and back-end, right here.

Comet finds interesting missions for the most talented tech and data freelancers.

Their community is so happy that they become ambassadors and promote Comet to new clients. Come empower the movement, they have open sales positions.

Let’s innovate in the way we provide educational content!

I’m proud to announce our partnership with Hopin!

Some of our amazing guests speakers will be live-streamed on Hopin. We picked Hopin because it’s the tool that gives us the most freedom to recreate the things that made our in-person events so special: (1) You can ask questions via chat and (2) There is a networking area that works like a private ChatRoulette, so you’ll be able to meet other participants ;) You’ll still feel The Family love and care… all from the comfort of your own home!

What’s on the agenda?

March 24, all in for no-code!

We’re hosting Makerpad, the largest no-code community, and Contournement, France’s first no-code bootcamp. Lorenzo Castro, The Family’s no-code master, will talk with their CEOs, Ben Tossell and Erwan Kezzar.

Every meetup we’ve done with no-code lately has gotten bigger and bigger - is it a trend? A movement? Whatever you call it, it’s interesting. Sign up here.

The new season of Goldup is now open for applications!

Goldup is the most caring program for women willing to start their online business. 50 women learn how to go from an idea to a profitable online business. During 5 Saturdays, from May 2 to May 30, they will benefit from the training program made with love by my team and our fav entrepreneurs. You can apply now ;)

By May, we should be able to gather in our office in Paris; in case we can’t, we’ll do everything to make it amazing online!

If you’re wondering if it’s for you, read about who the Goldies are with their portraits on Medium.

He is smart, deep and full of relevant references. He is…?

My cofounder Nicolas! He just launched a paid version of his newsletter. With the Monday Note to get your work week started and Friday Reads for your weekend. If you want to get his insightful economical & strategic analysis, get it here!

He is an amazing storyteller and a living encyclopedia. He is…?

My other cofounder, Oussama ;) One of Oussama’s favorite subjects is how to train our brain. He wrote about some of his techniques right here.

You learn when you love.

Why should learning be boring? Who said that education can’t be as exciting as an entertaining show? We’re looking for a new intern to accompany Vladimir, our Paris Event Manager, achieve that goal. It’s all explained here.

Enjoy this month and keep you optimism high!

(Virtual) hugs and kisses!

Alice, for The Family Team

Follow your heart

A February gift, loving founders, startups, news, and events!

Dear reader,

Are you in for some romanticism?

We often hear “Valentine’s day is lame”,
It’s a commercial, a mainstream game,
As if couples needed one day to claim,
The love they feel, their burning flame.

May you be single, engaged or wondering,
What kind of relationship you’ll be choosing,
This February 14 is not about pairing,
We see in it a different meaning.

Like in every tradition, it’s an invitation,
For once, to unlock the inside emotions,
To celebrate what deserves attention,
That inner voice whispering your mission.

From your heart to your hands,
With your vision and your band,
All you need to explore new lands,
Is unlimited faith: love with no end.

Valentine’s day is a great excuse,
A source of inspiration, like a muse,
To write poems and chase the blues,
Get ready to go... on The Family cruise!

Meet Julie, The Digital Fairy 

She’s an unexpected surprise: started as a solo founder, launched from a small city, tackling an “overcrowded market”, while aligning the stars!

Here is Julie Huguet, CEO of Coworkees.
With Coworkees, she’s bringing the perfect match between freelancers and the missions of their dreams. Of course, there are many other platforms pursuing that mission. But wait, not the way Julie does it - because Julie is unique ;)

She worked in the luxury industry for several years.
She needed to find creative freelancers for all sorts of missions, from extravagant graphics to precious artwork. She tested the main freelancer platforms and was frustrated for 2 reasons: (1) She had high expectations on the talent, and (2) once selected, she needed to follow up with the ongoing projects.  

“If you want it done right, you've got to do it yourself.”
So from her hometown of Annecy, she decided to build her own solution, and solve that problem she knew so well. She gathered her favorite creators and launched an easy way of recruiting and following up on their missions. Then she convinced big corporations to become clients. 

Coworkees is not a list of CVs!
Great relationships start with transparency. How can you choose someone if you don’t know how she/he works? On Coworkees, the freelancers’ profile pages not only show their portfolio, but also emotional and relational intelligence as well as filmed introductions. In one word, it’s empathetic.

Conquering, one battle at a time.
Among the 1,500+ customers she’s been working with, you find Salomon, Gantner, Chopard... In less than a year, Coworkees facilitated more than 2,000 missions. Now in France and Switzerland, companies willing to modify their talent strategies are partnering with them.

Like Julie, we believe that an effective “digital transformation” starts first and foremost with the people you work with, inside and (increasingly) outside the company. Try Coworkees and let us know how you like it!

We’re in love with these founders

Because they care…

Jubiwee… cares for the managers

If you don’t ask, you don’t know. The #1 job of a manager is understanding what’s really happening in your team. That means you need information. Thibaud has automated the questions so you can track feedback and adapt your support accordingly. Jubiwee has been facilitating the lives of thousands of managers. And they’re adding a new feature: the “Live” version for engaging with participants during meetings. 

Sidekick… cares for your own growth

If many sport champions become great CEOs, there is a reason: their self-awareness, trained by years of coaching. And what’s more, a company's troubles often resonate with all the unconscious biases, fears or habits of a team. To work on that, you can talk with someone - not an investor, not a friend, not a peer, but a trusted 3rd party: a good coach. Adrien launched Sidekick to facilitate private career-enhancing conversations with your personal coach. Awaken your inner Muhammad Ali, try Sidekick!

Mayday… cares for your users

So you wanna know the secret of long-term, happy couples? It’s pretty simple: communication. Asking questions, being heard, getting answers, feeling recognized.
Now in business, if you have thousands of users to take care of… how do you build that level of communication? Well, you do the same thing, with great customer service. Damien and his co-founders built a decision-making tool helping thousands of customers get the right answers, instantly. Working with startups and with big corps, Mayday proves how accurate answers make happy clients!

Big ups to them!

They are on the path to fulfilling their dreams…

  • To Abricot for helping you find love, without feeling like a cereal box in a supermarket <3

  • To Super Green Lab for making the world a greener place with their “growbox”, to grow buds from home…

  • To Reezocar for pleasing 2M+ people looking to buy a new or used car!

  • To POS Bakerz, now up to 9 proof-of-stake protocols to earn interest on your crypto.

  • To Oka Media for helping 100+ content creators to make their viral videos online!

  • To Inato for closing a $14M round to offer better clinical trials for medical treatments!

  • To Fairmint for unveiling their daring new way for founders to finance their businesses...

  • To Smartbnb for reaching $1B (!) in total rental revenue for hosts, half in just the last 6 months.

  • To Oneball for being available in 100 Biocoops in April!

  • To Kyosk for taking care of all your important calls with their booth ;)

  • To Iconoclass and their 90% of students who found full-time jobs in one month.

  • To Joone for releasing the perfect supplements for young moms!

  • To Side for conducting an incredibly brave pivot in just 5 months...

  • To Maria for setting the foundations for a new era of lifelong learning!

  • To Planet for Magma, its new deep dive into business’ fastest growing trends.

  • And to CompoScan for revealing the real composition of cosmetics and being featured on Brut!

Hello, is it you they’re looking for?

‘Cause they wonder where you are.

Agricool is looking for a human & food lover...

Agricool’s mission is to eat local, food without pesticides that’s super tasty. If that’s aligned with who you’re trying to be, if you know how to tell stories and want to lead Agricool’s community, you’ll love this… The team is looking for their Community Manager, making people happy with awesome, creative content. Seriously, check it out.

Have a break, have a Totem.

Why should your office cafeteria be so boring? Eating is the best excuse to socialize with others! Now imagine that all the healthy snacks, the ones letting you enjoy a solid break at work are right there, 20 feet away, all beautifully displayed. Last year, Totem tripled their offer of delicious and good products. They’re looking for a Buyer in Chief… maybe you?

Luko makes you feel lucky!

If you’ve been in Paris lately, you’ve probably seen Luko’s ads in the metro. Giving people a way better insurance experience deserves to be known! And it takes a lot of talent. That’s why there are 26 open positions, from a Head of Strategic Partnerships to mobile app development and assistant to the CEO… Check it all out right here

Fempo = Feminism x Empowerment

For too long, periods have been seen as a shame and a burden. Fempo’s mission is to make women celebrate their cycles. Feminist? Marketing savvy? This is for you... Fempo’s looking for a paid marketing lead to help them find all those women out there who are waiting for their solution, even if they don’t know it yet. See it here and apply!

Original events made for you

Oussama & Alexandre Mars 

Two storytellers, one shared belief: Anyone Can Become an Entrepreneur. Alexandre Mars is a serial entrepreneur who sold multiple companies and founded Epic, a non-profit fighting to change the lives of disadvantaged youth. Ouss and Alexandre will be presenting their upcoming books and you’re invited to ask all your questions! This event will be in French. Join us, Paris, Feb. 17, tickets here ;)

Edward Shenderovich, Co-founder of Knotel 

What’s it like to build a company when the sector leader, WeWork, has fallen from incredible heights? Meet Edward, founder of Knotel, who just raised a $400M Series C, and provides office flexibility to big companies. Interviewed by our dear Fellowship director Mathias, Edward will share his unique story and insights on a market that just got shaken like hell. Paris, Feb. 18, tickets here.

Young Tigers: VCs are pitching! 

Tired of all the startup contests with the same judges? We think it’s time to switch the game: Let’s make the investors pitch! Young Tigers invites daring VCs willing to defend their investment thesis. Their goal is to convince you to raise funds with them. You don’t wanna miss it. Paris, Feb. 19, tickets here.

Ending on good notes

Will their words strike your heart?

Ouss shares his tips on sales

When a salesperson reaches out to you, are you suspicious? In Europe, we tend to look down on salespeople because making money isn’t “noble”. That’s a mistake, because before fully building the product, the 1st thing you need to find out is: are there clients ready to pay for it? Enjoy reading ;)

Salomé presents Madrinas, our women investor community! 

When Salomé joined The Family to take care of our investors, she realized they were mostly… men. Oopsy, oopsy. With their money, investors vote for the future they want. So we don’t really need further explanations on why women should invest, do we? We need action. That’s why we created Madrinas, to let women who can invest learn how. Read her article here.

Vlad interviewed the CTO of Back Market

D-Code is all about showcasing the stories of great technical founders. So Vlad invited Quentin Le Brouster, CTO of BackMarket, to share their crazy growth story and how he’s adapted from being a hardcore coder to managing teams. Check it out here.

Happy Valentine’s Day!
Hugs and kisses,

Alice & The Family team

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Go with your flow

Let's kick off 2020 with your fave newsletter: pirate spirit, fresh news and hot events!

Dear Sailor,

Long time no sea ;)
The whole team at The Family is wishing you the best for 2020: a vessel with a purpose, navigating the odds, catching the fishes you aim for, and celebrating victories with your crew!

Pirates used to believe that having women on board would bring bad luck. Fortunately, this didn’t prevent lots of women from disguising their identity to join up, or even starting their own crew.

At The Family, we know that “Anyone can become a great entrepreneur.” But old patterns can be so deeply rooted in our minds that only out-of-the-blue experiments can reveal other horizons and bring new behaviors. In 2019 we tried new things - even initiatives I used to be “philosophically” against - like dedicated tracks for female founders. 

120 women have joined our Saturday bootcamps, called Goldup. I've been surprised by the results, the feedback is better than anything I could have anticipated. Goldup has been a game changer for each participant. Why?

Is it because of the expertise provided? No, you can find lots of smarter things online these days. Is it because of a highly selective process to join the community? No, we have no criteria except motivation. Has a unicorn been born at Goldup yet? It’s too early to know, it’s a long-term play.

Actually, the reason lies in the limitless joy of bonding with others. By all taking a risk at the same time, they rapidly get closer. They feel free to share their fears and defeat them. Witnessing the progress of their peers nurtures their own motivation, so helping each other becomes a game they love to play. See the virtuous circle?

The next bootcamp is starting on Jan. 25 in Paris, and a few spots are still available. Come along or tell your friends, you might really love that ship ;)

Could that recipe work for business angels as well? Let’s toss out a message in a bottle! I’m happy to introduce you to Madrinas, a series of workshops dedicated to women who want to learn how to invest in startups (whether because they can now or because they already do it on their own, but feel lonely!). The 1st workshop is happening next week. My team and some very special guests have prepared a dense introduction to business angel investment: legal and admin basics, testimonials and pitch deck analysis, followed by a delicious dinner! Join us on Jan. 20, 5 to 9pm.

All eyes on Emna, CEO of Kazidomi

Now, let’s focus a bit on an entrepreneur you don’t know yet, someone who impressed me and my team recently: Emna Everard, CEO of Kazidomi.

She’s been passionate about health since childhood.

When her dad used to take her to the supermarket, he would only let her pick products whose labels she understood. She became unbeatable at product ingredients. From a very young age, she dreamed of creating a supermarket where no one would need to check the labels, where every product would already be healthy.

Emna founded Kazidomi on her own while she was a student.

It’s an e-commerce platform, where you can find a selection of affordable, natural and healthy products. Kazidomi became successful through the word of mouth, she rapidly found her business model (membership) and attracted talents - even her boyfriend decided to join her.

From organic food to natural cosmetics, 3,000 products are now available.

And tens of thousands of customers save money while enjoying products they can trust - no need to examine the labels! Kazidomi is B.Corp certified, which means it’s seriously involved in creating an ethical company. And since good products that are affordable and healthy are limited on the existing market, Emna decided to create new brands and products - 250 of them, to be precise.

Democratizing access to a healthier lifestyle pays off!

With some of the strongest organic traction I’ve ever seen at The Family, she’s on her way to making Kazidomi THE reference for low-priced healthy products. 76K people follow the brand on Insta and engage with her team daily. Kazidomi is available in Belgium and France and will be launching soon in more European countries. 

So this year, if you wanna take care of yourself, try Kazidomi.

Oh, and the best: she’s a mentor at Goldup. Because hey, learners are givers.

The founders you wanna bet on

E-Conkwest: the finest community of e-commerce entrepreneurs

Creating e-commerce websites is easy. So easy that it’s attracted all sorts of pirates, from aggressive dropshippers to sweaty “instapreneurs”...  But finding clients is a very hard quest! Econkwest can help you get there. You’ll get secret deals, testimonials from the finest e-commerce entrepreneurs, and hands-on workshops. Get ready to ride across any ocean with your e-commerce ship, jump on board! (in 🇫🇷for the moment)

Surprise: a smarter way to shop

Imagine shopping at your hometown mall and discovering some real treasure. That’s what Sarah is making possible with Surprise. This app keeps track of purchases to reward you for real. Why? Because she manages to make all the shops at a given mall collaborate together, sharing purchase data. How? By intelligently using the favorite tool of pirates, crypto.

Ships need a fix, and that’s Shipfix ;)

Do you know how cargo ships actually get filled today? Brokers send thousands and thousands of emails to each other - 4,000 per day on average! An enormous waste of time, missed opportunities, duplicate offers, client frustrations... That’s why the Shipfix team offers a simple platform that makes shippers’ lives way easier. It’s a big money market - good thing they just raised a $4.5M seed round.

Big ups to these captains!

When facing an ocean of doubts, one victory can change the whole picture. Let’s say “bravo” to...

  • WeMaintain, for scoring a huge deal with Paris’s Alliance real estate portfolio!

  • Vybe for their incredible traction: they hit #1 in the overall French app store! 

  • One Ball Food, for now distributing their energy balls in Naturalia stores!

  • Zetoolbox, for releasing a new program helping companies digitize their business!

  • Chaintrust, for closing a €600K round in December!

  • Soplaya for pushing up over €1M in annual GMV!

  • The Product Crew for launching their new product management community!

  • Ada Tech School, for starting a 2nd developer cohort! And you can apply here ;)

  • And Kom’s videos for reaching over 2 million views!

Job opportunities: All aboard!

Tasty content

The queen of Instagram, the mermaid of cookies, the pirate of fun... Shanty is looking for her new content creator. You don’t want to let this opportunity crumble away - just check out their Insta.

Sweet gig

The hackers of strawberries, the farmers of the future, the chefs of taste… Agricool’s team is looking for a social media manager, so if you’re fond of writing on food, ecology, and innovation, that’s a sign.

Always fresh

Join a mission-driven team: the natural, original, and affordable baby diapers’ brand, Joone, is recruiting. Carole, its ambitious captain, is welcoming new members: developers, head of brand/social, head of people, and more, all right here.

Events: Let’s meet IRL

Nicolas’s book is now in French

Nicolas published his book Hedge in English last year to explain our view on how to adapt society’s safety net to the Digital Age. And now it’s coming out in French! You can buy it starting on Feb. 19, and he’s holding a series of talks to dig deeper. Join him on Jan. 16, Paris, tickets here (in 🇫🇷).

Humor will save us all!

Citizens of startup nation, heroes behind a laptop, just for one night, take a break from saving the world and come to Standup & Startups. 4 comedians and 2 entrepreneurs are on stage to give their (hopefully) hilarious takes on building a startup. Jan. 24, Paris, tickets here.

Learn how to make your customers happy

We’re having more hands-on workshops in Berlin, the city with probably the most operational experience in all of Europe. We’re bringing in top experts with pragmatic knowledge to directly apply to your startup. The next one focuses on marketing and creating an amazing customer journey. Jan. 30, Berlin, tickets (and a special TF Lover discount :) here.

A great French conference on product - oh wow!

This is the rendez-vous for product owners, product managers & product designers. Oussama will be speaking there, and even though we’re not involved in the organization I thought you might like to attend. According to Oussama, it’s ”Undoubtedly, the best conference on product in France.” Check it out yourself here, March 11, Paris.

Some treasure for your soul

About pitching.

Being the nice kid trying to get good grades is not the attitude that’ll convince any investor. You’re not in school anymore. You want to get money to conquer the seas? Your pitch is the teaser that reveals who you are, your potential and how exciting it would be to let you build your ship and your crew to discover new worlds. Captain Ouss explains it all here.

About finding your family.

Irina comes from Macedonia, studied filmmaking in NY, and started her own startup in Berlin. We met, and decided to work together. She explains how The Family provides the most important thing for founders across Europe: a community of ambitious individuals helping each other for real. She wrote this article, here in English and it’ll soon be in German and Serbian too ;)

About being optimistic.

We’re into 2020, and the European tech scene definitely changed since 2010, for the better. Nicolas published this article in Sifted talking about the 3 big contributions to today’s growth in European tech — the crisis, China and the techlash. You’ll be happy to have read this analysis of a whole decade, just 5 mins. long!

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